Bravely Onward Films: Sunset Veterinary Clinic Home

A shared vision brought Dr. Kennemer and Dr. Grimmett together. Both veterinarians are committed to small town values and personalized attention for their four-legged customers. Their dream was to provide care in a welcoming, state of the art facility.

Sunset Vet’s Story

Their new location is an animal lover’s dream – an abundance of natural light, great airflow for sanitation, sound proofing for privacy and a back yard area to watch the animals play.

“You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew, but if you’re not a little nervous you’re probably not taking enough risk.”

– - Tim Kennemer, DVM

With growth comes the need for additional staff. Both doctors believe in investing in employees to create a consistent customer experience and reduce turnover.

“For us, Oklahoma Fidelity is the perfect hybrid – a family, community-oriented bank, yet large enough to service the commercial loan we needed.”

– - Danel Yowell Grimmett, DVM

When asked about building the dream clinic, Kennemer notes his only regret is not doing it sooner. When he began his career, he wore every hat in the office, including technician, janitor and inventory manager. Now he’s able to focus on doing what he does best – keeping animals healthy and pet owners happy.

“We provide continuing education, healthcare, safety training and a quality workplace in hopes they’ll stay longer.”

– - Danel Yowell Grimmett, DVM

Their optimism and bravery make Sunset Veterinary Clinic a great match for Oklahoma Fidelity Bank. Their contribution to the Edmond community is one we continue to admire. Being an integral part of their story and their future is truly an honor.

“I would tell an up-and-comer to go for it. You’ll always regret it if you don’t.”

– - Tim Kennemer, DVM

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