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In grade school, Rob Goff’s dream job was not too different from many young boys his age: professional football player. The one thing that was different, though, was his commitment to making it happen. He practiced hard, worked out diligently and put every extra minute into pursuing his goal.

When his dream was sidelined by a high school injury, he turned his focus to rehabilitating his body. That proved to be the kickoff of a different kind: that of his entrepreneurial journey.

“I determined that I liked working out more than I liked playing football. And that was the change for me.”

That same commitment to pursuing a goal drove Rob to earn his degree in Exercise Physiology and a certification as a personal trainer. He operated a fitness center for many years, gaining an understanding of the industry, and eventually combined his fitness, sales, and business backgrounds to launch Experience Fitness Equipment, LLC. The name changed in 2010 to PR Fitness Equipment and now serves customers in Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas.

“I just seem to be attracted to the type of business
where I’m held accountable for the results.”

– Rob Goff

PR Fitness Equipment

Somewhere in the pursuit of finding his ideal career, Rob also found the ideal partner – who became his wife. Robin Goff is the company president and certified personal trainer who also works in the medical field.

“Find something you’re passionate about and success will follow.”

– Rob Goff

It’s a business that requires long hours and customer service nearly 24 hours a day, but for Rob and Robin, it’s a way of life that also happens to be their living. “You hear, ‘do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’. It’s kind of cliché, but that really is the key. I'm doing things that I really love.”

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