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In 2008, Taber LeBlanc was busy expanding Homes by Taber, just as he’d successfully done each year since its inception in 2000. Then it happened – the recession. Thankfully, life had prepared Taber to not only survive challenges, but to emerge stronger on the other side.

Taber’s Story

The third of five children, Taber was constantly trying to keep up with his older siblings. It fueled his competitive nature, a trait that later landed him a football scholarship at Oklahoma State University. Taber admits he wasn’t the best player, but his work ethic earned him a starting position all four years.

Today that drive to succeed manifests in how he approaches business. Whether it’s buying a piece of land, putting a contract together, securing lots or obtaining financing, Taber is 100% determined to make it happen. He’s quick to point out there will always be someone bigger and better, but a strong work ethic can lead to victory in all aspects of life.

“By following wise advice, we were able not only to stay in business, but also come out of the recession and grow our company exponentially.”

– Taber LeBlanc

At the onset of his business, Taber didn’t have a wealth of construction experience. So he gleaned knowledge from his father-in-law, who’d been in the industry since the eighties. Taber remembers being eager to learn every chance he was given. If a mistake occurred, he used it to his advantage, saying, “We’ve spent money to learn today.”

Witnessing his top two competitors go out of business during the recession was tremendously eye opening for Taber. He wasn’t discouraged or deterred. He simply evaluated the financial climate and did what was necessary to weather the storm. In this case, it meant cutting their numbers in half.

Today, Homes by Taber is building in 25 different locations across the OKC metro – homes ranging in value from $175,000 to $500,000. He attributes much of the progress to opportunities made possible by his relationship with Oklahoma Fidelity Bank. In fact, he refers to it as a partnership.

“We’ve been able to do many things our competitors can’t – simply because we have a strong partnership with our bank.”

– Taber LeBlanc

Taber doesn’t take success for granted. Proactive by nature, he recently hired a consultant to determine how the company can be more efficient, and how he can empower employees to do their best work. He believes complacency can kill a business. Early on, he committed to surrounding himself with good people and setting each of them up for success.

It all comes back to the legacy he wants to establish. When people talk about his company, his goal is for them to remember that Homes by Taber did it right the first time. That’s a goal we at Oklahoma Fidelity Bank deeply relate to and one we’re proud to support as Taber continues his journey of success.

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