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Jason Engel considers himself one of the lucky few who’ve turned their talent into their trade. As a child, he witnessed his father’s passion for cars. And as many sons do, he followed in those footsteps.

Today, that passion lives on as his business, Classic Recreations, a vintage car restoration company just outside of Oklahoma City. For Jason, its been an incredible, challenging, worthwhile ride.

Jason’s Story

Early on, he experienced the struggles of running a business. Fierce competition. New regulations. Evolving technology. A recession. But Jason never shied away from those challenges – he pushed through them.

“To be successful you have to give it everything you’ve got.”

– Jason Engel

Jason knows first hand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. For those aspiring to walk a similar path, he warns it will take more than some are willing to invest. There’s no room for sandbagging or sitting around waiting for something to happen. You alone are responsible for making things happen. To do that, you have to put everything you have into your business.

Jason certainly did. Working until three or four in the morning, maxing out his credit cards, he put all he had into it – sweat, blood and tears. It’s been worth it, he says, knowing there was never any other way.

Another big reason for Jason’s success is his obsession with being involved in every aspect of the business. Whether it’s dealing with clients or putting the finishing touches on a project. Jason wants his fingerprints on each part of the build and every step of the process.

“I ensure the quality, the heart and soul of the car.”

– Jason Engel

This allows him to ensure the absolute highest quality of service and that a client gets exactly what they requested – their dream car. The greatest reward is the smile on a client’s face when their finished car is revealed. It’s a smile Jason and his team invest several thousand hours to achieve.

While every business is unique, Jason’s story applies to any young entrepreneur looking to chase their dreams. The path of a business owner is not for the timid. It requires action, courage and an unwavering desire to make things happen.

Classic Recreations has grown immensely from its humble beginnings. What started with one car, one customer and a couple thousand-man hours, is now the only company in the world licensed by Shelby to build a vintage Ford GT500 Mustang. A badge Jason and his cars wear with pride.

Jason Engel brings his best every day. That passion makes Oklahoma Fidelity Bank proud to call him a partner.

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